How to Take Care of Your Car Battery During Self Isolation

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How to Take Care of Your Car Battery During Self Isolation

The Outbreak of the Covid-19 Pandemic forced many of us to follow government advice on working from home or self-isolation whenever needed. This unpredictable situation had put all of us into worry. Here we have prepared a handy guide on how to take care of your car battery during this time. If you are stuck at home with a dead car battery and would like battery replacement in Sharjah, get in touch with us today!


You should know that your battery has a limited charge capacity. When you use your car, you are using the battery charge capacity. Now you may wonder why your battery does not run out of charge? Well, that is because of the alternator, which helps the car battery get fully charged by drawing power from the engine.


A car uses its battery charge to power items such as alarm, onboard computer etc. Slowly the car battery capacity goes lower and lower, and when the car engine is off, and you are not driving the car, this usage of car battery is not replaced with anything.

Usually, you are using your car daily basis or every few days, but in this situation, we do not know how long we need to stay indoors or at home which makes it difficult to use our cars or any other vehicles. When our vehicle is unused for a long period of time, its battery capacity may fall below the required level to start the vehicle. At this condition, you may need to call for help from service centers.

The worst part is that when the battery is being unused for a long duration, a chemical reaction known as sulfation occurs. This reaction creates a coating on internal plates, which stops the battery from charging itself in the future.

One of the signs which shows this fact is that the battery will get warm while trying to charge it, and you will feel a bad smell such as rotten eggs. If sulfating happens for a long time, it will completely damage the battery, and finally, you will need to replace your car battery. This incident will not be covered by any battery warranty as it is not a manufacturing defect. For the best car battery dubai price, visit our website!


The first and main solution is to use your vehicle regularly. However, in this situation, this option is not available, the next ideal solution is to charge your car battery every two weeks with a car battery charger. If you have no option to move the car, you can charge the battery indoors by taking the battery out of the car.

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