Tips to Choose an LPG Supplier

LPG Tank Suppliers
Tips to Choose an LPG Supplier

It can be a tedious and time-consuming task to find a reliable LPG supplier that can match your demands. By choosing the best from all the available LPG tank suppliers you can significantly cut down on time and expenses associated with the process. Most consumers enter into a contract without any research on the companies and without asking the required questions. Whether it is for household use, agriculture, catering, or industrial heating, this article will prove useful in your search as we cover all the elements you should consider during your search.

The Price

Most LPG suppliers in the UAE will extend their product at an introductory price but usually vary their rates as time goes on. Part of this reason is that LPG as a commodity is influenced by even the smallest of market changes and the price never remains the same for an extended period. However, there are some companies that do provide LPG on a fixed price agreement. Most reputable suppliers usually only provide this feature to large businesses who will require a bulk quality at all times.

Additional Charges

Apart from the price for the LPG itself, most suppliers will also charge a certain amount as tank hire charge. The price for the same can vary based on the supplier, so be sure to compare the available options before narrowing down on one. Similar to the hire charges, suppliers may also charge you separately for installation and termination. Once again, compare the available options to ensure that you get the best deal.

Customer Service

Whether it be an LPG supplier or any other business, customer service should always be a key factor you should consider before committing to a business. The quality and efficiency of the customer support team should weigh in heavily on our final decision. A reliable supplier will have a dedicated call center and help you along as per your requirements.

Distribution Capability

Is your supplier capable of providing you with required quantity of product when you need it the most? Be sure to ask questions such as the suppliers’ tanker fleet, how close is their nearest depot, and product availability before narrowing down on a supplier.


How long will it take for your LPG supplier to install a 44kg LPG cylinder from the moment you’ve signed the contract with them. This can vary from a few days to even a few months. Certain companies even hire third parties to install tanks and as such won’t be able to commit on a timeframe by themselves.

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