What You Need to Know About Renting an SUV

What You Need to Know About Renting an SUV - PropertyPortal
What You Need to Know About Renting an SUV

As it is commonly referred to, a standard utility vehicle or SUV is a people’s favorite when renting cars. They are not only beautiful to look at but have a lot of space for passengers and goods, and are also suitable for all kinds of terrain. This is general information that applies to most SUVs. However, there is more to know about them before choosing one as a rental car. Among them is how they rank among other luxury car hire Dubai prices and the cost of maintaining them. There is something for everyone with SUV’s being available in sports models for more adventurous drivers.


It will definitely cost you more to rent an SUV compared to a sedan or hatchback. This is because they are bigger and offer more benefits than smaller cars. These vehicles’ maintenance cost is relatively higher, which makes luxury car hire companies to price them higher than other smaller cars. They also consume more fuel, which adds on to the total cost required to rent and maintain the car.

There are different SUV options available in the market, and their prices vary. The biggest distinguishing factor is the engine size that translates to the vehicle” efficiency. Cars with bigger engines are also considered more prestigious and luxurious and cost more than other variants with lesser engines. Sport models of vehicles will also come at a higher rental cost as they are more expensive and have modifications that increase their performance.

Driving Mechanism

If new to the Dubai region, before acquiring an SUV to rent, it is important to get all the car details and understand the model and specifications of the vehicle. Different cars are made for different markets, and what an individual may have in mind could differ from the actual vehicle in Dubai. For example, manual versus automatic transmissions. If you have a preference between the two, it is best to get it clear from the onset to get SUV that suits your preferences.

Another aspect that often gets overlooked is right hand and left-hand drive cars and on which side of the road to drive. The best car rental in Dubai understands the difference in logistics across different countries. Upon realizing a client is from another country, the best car rental may bring up such issues for clarity and ensure they supply the client with a car having shared all preliminary information. About what side of the road to drive on, it may seem a bit off at first but it gets easier with a little practice.

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